“Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism” Delivers Hope

Andrew Greene
2 min readFeb 16, 2024


“If every country followed Cuba, imperialist countries would have nothing to live on.”

Everything I was taught about Cuba growing up revolved around a simple premise — “communism is bad.”

It took a while, but now I know better. Tasked to learn more, to combat our country’s global oppression, Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism is a hopeful place to start.

It’s inspiring to see a country whose citizens care, whose people are actively involved in shaping all aspects of society.

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It’s inspiring to see a country whose citizens receive free housing, healthcare and education. Hell, even karate classes are free — all sports are free. Maybe I wouldn’t drag out joining a gym for months to play racquetball if I didn’t have to pay for it with money I don’t have.

It’s inspiring to see a country whose citizens have the right to recall their representatives based on their performance. It’s a right of the people written into their constitution. Imagine being able to hold our politicians accountable.

It’s inspiring to see a country that values young people rather than criminalizing them.

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It’s inspiring to see a country surviving U.S. persecution. For 50 years [at the time of this documentary; it’s now been 62], the U.S.’ economic blockade has suffocated and persecuted Cuba’s operations. Under international law, this qualifies as an act of war. And yet, Cuba remains, and still, they’re learning, trying to figure out this socialist experiment. This documentary doesn’t paint Cuba as perfect — its people acknowledge that inequality and racism remains, that a lot of work remains. But at least it’s honest about what work needs to be done. In that honesty, I find hope, an export our government has sanctioned for far too long.

The only reason the Global North is so wealthy (and the Global South so poor) is due to our exploitation and exhortation of the Global South’s resources and peoples. The playbook for revolution, for change is being written in Cuba. Why else would the U.S. try to destroy a small, poor island?

It’s past time to learn from their story, to re-learn ours. Only then can we write a new story of our own.

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