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Andrew Greene
2 min readApr 23, 2021


Now Showing: Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

Years ago, early in our relationship, when there was love but far less certainty, Lili and I were on our way to meet a couple friends for a hike.

It was early, the day was full of promise, but also foreboding, because it was too early and we’re both anxious people in even the safest of social situations.

Then the song “Good Morning,” sung by Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor, blossomed out of the radio, promising that sunbeams will soon smile through, injecting life into our veins.

Until Lili side-swiped her car into the curb when parking. And just like that, the good feeling was gone. Good morning, indeed.

Fast forward months later. We were both still ignorant of the film in which it came from, but Lili tracked down the song on YouTube in the form of the joyous scene in Singin’ in the Rain in which “Good Morning” is first performed.

In the scene, Gene’s down, bummed by the trajectory of his play “The Dueling Cavalier,” but his friends help inspire a late-late night creative epiphany: Why not make “The Dueling Cavalier” a musical?! “Hey, hey, I think it’ll work! It might be crazy, but we’re gonna do it.” Then the trio breaks into a triumphant song and dance of their own.

During this creative spark, a moment when all is possible, Gene proclaims, “I feel like this is my lucky day. March 23rd.” O’Connor quickly corrects him, pointing out that it’s 1:30 a.m. of March 24th.

What day was it when Lili first played this video? It doesn’t take Moses to suppose it was fucking March 24th.

So we broke into a triumphant song and dance of our own. “Good Morning” became our weekend morning staple, to get us out of bed, to dance, to sing out Buenos días alongside our new heroes and embrace the fun whenever we had trouble doing so.

When we discovered Singin’ in the Rain was playing at Hollywood Forever for an outdoor screening on what would be our first year anniversary weekend, we twinkled our toes down to the cemetery to consummate our love affair with Debbie, Gene and Donald.

Lili still has to slam the front side of her car back into place every time she gets into it, but the rainbow is shining through: we have a new favorite movie. Our movie.

One that always reminds us of what’s important when we’re ready to listen.

Bonjour, buenos días, buon giorno, guten morgen, good morning to you.



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