Steven Spielberg Needs to Rewatch “War of the Worlds”

Andrew Greene
2 min readFeb 28, 2024


“Is that the terrorists?”

Sometimes all it takes is an alien invasion to become a good dad!

War of the Worlds is famously a post-911 film from Steven Spielberg, but watching it today, it’s hard not to see the big bad scary aliens as the U.S., as imperial powers seeking to colonize the world.

Credit: Medium!

And this movie still works incredibly well through that lens save for the cowardly ending that takes back one of the best parts of the movie and erases all personal tragedy from Tom Cruise’s family. I thought it had to be a dream sequence but… nope. That kind of false reality seems to be going on a lot these days.

What Tim Robbins says and Steven has forgotten is that “occupations always fail.”


The aliens die because of a bacteria, something that the people of Earth have built a natural immunity for. The aliens die precisely because they are not indigenous to the land. This isn’t their home.

Steven should watch his own movies.



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