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I get little tingles down my spine whenever I watch a movie released in my birth year. Enter: , a film that provided a whole lot of necessary good vibes on a lazy Saturday.

stars Jeff Goldblum as “Nick Deezy” and Cyndi Lauper as “Sylvia Pickell,” a pair of misfit psychics hired to retrieve long lost treasure in Ecuador by Colombo himself, Peter Falk.

It’s basically a psychic Indiana Jones romcom starring a bunch of weirdos, and if that doesn’t sound like the greatest thing you’ve ever heard, I can’t help you.

But I’ll try. Lauper spends the entire…

The lustrous coffee bean in its natural habitat: the cloud forests of Colombia. Credit: Yensy Galíndez

Ten years ago, I didn’t like coffee.

Two years ago, I didn’t drink coffee.

Now, I love coffee.

For the longest time I resisted the temptation — I didn’t want to coffee like everyone else. I didn’t want to like everyone else. I didn’t want to wake up and spend $6 on a latte at a chain whose CEO sent the Sonics packing. Whenever someone tells me to watch something, to read something, to do something, I am far less likely to do it. I’ve lost track of the number of times people have forced me to watch…

Now showing on The Greene Screene: Cesta do praveku (1955). Image credit: Letterboxd.

() is a forgotten memory. It feels like a movie I saw in school ages ago but I’m not sure. The 1955 Czech adventure film with theme park-like stop-motion animation returns us to a time when science and education were not only important, but cool. (They’ve never stopped being that, by the way.)

Instead of Disney rides adapted into Dwayne Johnson vehicles, paleontology, prehistory and evolution have been adapted into a Disney-esque ride movie that’s perfect for a substitute teacher or a Saturday matinee on the Criterion Channel.

The film is…

1953’s “Fear and Desire.” Credit: IGN Hungary.

In Stanley Kubrick’s first film, four soldiers find themselves dropped in a forest, amidst a war. It doesn’t matter what forest or what war. They’re all the same. As the narrator tells us: “the enemies who struggle here do not exist unless we call them into being.”

And boy, do we men love calling enemies into being. The four soldiers succeed in doing just that, led by the titular twin poles of Fear and Desire as they senselessly tromp through the forest, inventing danger around every corner.

These men are fragile…

Now Showing on The Greene Screene: “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane” (1976)

is uncomfortable. The 1976 film stars 14-year-old Jodie Foster, released the same year as ,to deservedly less acclaim.

It’s uncomfortable because the film is about children facing the evils of the outside world. The film is about trust and the unfortunate but understandable reasons why many people are unable to trust. I know I have breached people’s trust and it’s the hardest thing to live with.

Jodie’s Rynn Jacobs is 13 or…


Of all the businesses struggling to survive over the past two years, concert and live music venues have had one of the toughest roads.

As we’ve slowly (or rapidly, as the case may be) opened things back up, music venues were one of the things I was most nervous and excited about returning to. I was curious about how I would feel. I was curious about what would be different.

I made my return to the Hollywood Bowl amphitheatre two Fridays ago for the first night of H.E.R.’s intriguing collaboration with the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra. It was her first time…

Now Showing on the Greene Screene: “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar” (2021)

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar made me giggle and that’s no small thing these days. Silly is a necessity and it’s harder and harder to allow myself to be silly when faced with… you name it. Thankfully, Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo provide some insane inspiration to go to the depths of yourself and regain who you once were and discover who you can be.

Barb and Star feels like a younger-Golden Girls meets James Bond parody, a SNL sketch blown out to glorious proportions. It’s an absurd comedy about two best friends/hetero lifemates who thought their…


I totally agree with this saccharine sentiment from my favorite film growing up, the first movie I watched all the way through, . Yet I’m continually maddened by the complexity of Home, because for much of my life, I never felt quite at home, I never felt quite like I belonged, I never felt like the world made sense. It’s been a complicated relationship with the world and will continue to be, but in this moment, I am as committed to trying to understand this world, trying to understand myself, than ever.


Colombian & Ethiopian pourovers, respectively, at Theory Coffee Roasters.

Across 35 days & 28 states via a whiny Toyota Yaris, I finally stopped worrying and fell in love with coffee. Here were a few of my favorite affairs on the road:

Theory Coffee Roasters, Redding, CA: We didn’t expect much from Redding, a city that had become a family punchline. But this time around, we uncovered its magic. On the final day of our trip, we enjoyed Ethiopian and Colombian pourovers that made us want to stay in Redding forever.

Iconik Coffee Roasters, Santa Fe, NM: An afternoon in need of a pick-me-up resulted in this discovery. Our initial…


I’ve been unable to shake Morgan Neville’s documentary about Anthony Bourdain because I so clearly see myself in its subject.

I was humbled by that, I was inspired by that, but mostly I was frightened because Bourdain’s story doesn’t have a happy ending.

I’ve spent most of my adult life feeling restless, unsure of where and how to be, endlessly curious about the world and endlessly judgmental about myself, chasing the natural high that comes from leaving various homes and arriving back again, a path Bourdain forged for all to see.

Morgan Neville knows we come to a Bourdain doc…

Andrew Greene

A writer & traveler when his cat allows, located in glittering Glendale, CA.

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